Offshore Green Water

ando5851ando5851 Ponte Vedra FL Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Has anyone been offshore lately? Is the green water still an issue? Went out to the ledge last week and did not see any blue water the whole trip. 


  • JoyTimeJoyTime Posts: 37 Greenhorn
    Went today...super foggy.  We went out to 250ft ENE of the st aug inlet buoy. Green nasty water.  It never even got to  blue-green.  We trolled so long I think the ballyhoo got petrified. Passed a few nice weed lines. Still nothing to keep, just jacks ...We worked the entire water column- out and down and only got one hit from a barracuda, glad he missed.  Gave it up and hit a spot in 95 ft that gave us 14 vermillion. Foggy all the way in but super flat seas so throttles down and cruised in at 50 mph.

  • dillon5458dillon5458 Posts: 63 Greenhorn
    Went to BR.  Green water, clear but green.  Nothing biting but big ARS and grunts.  Saw a couple of big sharks.  65 degrees out there.  Came back in to about 15 miles out and the bottom was lit up but the sea bass were just pecking not biting.  Only managed 3 big ones.  
  • ando5851ando5851 Ponte Vedra FL Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Blue water is at 120ft plus. 
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