65’ Clearwater

We should have just went to “spot 40” where we have had success every time.  By success I mean for a couple guys on their fifth trip offshore in a 20’ bay boat.  Kinda limited in range and we have been doing a bit of exploring. 

We we tried the tabletop.  It sucked.  We had a wreck listed in our numbers so we gave it a try. Nothing. 

So back to #40.  I went over a hump or something that popped up a few feet off the bottom.  Then we got a short rg.  We picked at nice sea bass and kept a few large grunts.  I had one of these grunts take a pinfish.

We pulled anchor and positioned ourselves to drift across the area back towards our bouy. First pass and I was quickly on a gag that smacked a jig.  Ended up with three rg and three gags. All short but not by much. 

Fog was an issue. We started packing up late and the fog that started clearing got thick again.  We were 20 miles out and did not get back to the dock until nearly 9:00. 
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