Trailer Storage?

I keep a little 14 ft Twin Vee in the water. I have a trailer, but nowhere to put it. At the price to store a trailer in Miami, it's tough to justify keeping it, considering I'd only need it to repaint the bottom or run from a hurricane. Also, it's in pretty rough shape, but the thing holding me back from getting rid of it is I imagine a trailer for a 14ft catamaran is tough to find for rental should I really need one. For how seldom I would use it, I'd be willing to drive a long way to get it. Does anybody know of a cheap trailer storage out in the boondocks somewhere? A few hours drive once every year or two is not an issue.


  • CaptNemoCaptNemo Posts: 161 Deckhand
    There's a place in Boca that's about a $100 a month if you're interested. Might be a little much since it's only your trailer..
  • catchemupcatchemup Posts: 164 Deckhand
    Try Dusky the boat mfg  in Dania...he has a huge dry lot that people keep trailered boats at 954-922-8890.
  • ReelChillin82ReelChillin82 Posts: 105 Deckhand
    I’m not sure what area you are in...but down south in homestead and Redlands there is ppl posting ads on CL and offer up all the time for cheap boat/trailer storage 
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