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Professor O a true professional marine scientist...can you give us your considered opinion regarding an interesting thread contained in a discussion topic entitled Great Bite Deep Dropping authored by Plastered2850. It is an interesting thread to read with anglers both for and against the catch.

BTW...seems like it could be an interesting subject for one of your terrific club meetings, especially if we could get an FWC spokesperson and maybe focus on why so many rules and regs favor the commercial sector versus the recreational angler...particularly from the standpoint of the greater economic impact recreational fishing has to the state of FL vs the commercial catch.

Look forward to reading your thoughts.


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    A few thought from the peanut gallery,
    1st @[email protected] Special  is right in the fact that rosies are slow growers, they should have a limit per person,  why wait until they are scarce to ensure they stay a viable resource for years to come.
    Ron and I have bumped heads on more than 1 occasion but he does know what he is talking about in this case,
    as long as fish are managed by commerce dept you can expexct the rec fisherman to get the shaft in favor of big business, 

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    Thanks for the kind words. I try to avoid these types of discussion on fishing forums, I have received threats in the past based on my comments,  but I will take a look.
    The goal of scientists is to maximize what we know of the real world by using the mathematical world to optimize the information from the observed world.
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