Bottom bumping 12/23-24

Sunday was beautiful out of mayport as we headed east. Stopped at the navy dry docks for bait and the screen was lit up and kings were rocketing into the air chasing bait. But the current was ripping which made it difficult to anchor. With only 3 grunts in the livewell we decided we'd just catch bait at the next spot. Get on some live bottom in 120ft and the water is really green. Not much action on the bottom , not even grunts. Figured the green water had something to do with it so we decided to try really deep. Got out to 170ft and found a nice trigger hole that had some giants in it, picked up 16 triggers up to 20 inches to the fork. Limit of red porgies pretty quick. Went thru the 3 grunts pretty quick. 2 wasted on sharks and one felt like a big grouper that broke me off. Decided to head in around 5 and had to run the last hour blind in the dark. Got home showered, slept, and woke up again for a family xmas eve fishing trip. Weather was a little rougher than expected but we pushed out 50 miles. Came across someone's trash bag full of all kinds of kitchen trash, even saw a daisy sour cream tub in there. Just under the bag were 5 nice triple tail. One was a fatty. Didnt have anything to pitch and I dont know what they eat besides shrimp so I tried a whole cuddlefish. The biggest one came right up and slurped it in. Going by sight I went to set the hook and it pulled right out...... they refused to eat it after that and just started at my squid mocking me. Well I see something a little deeper under the trash bag, so I toss a sardine. Hooked up and it's a small dolphin. Measure the 3 that we get and they're all 19.5 inches, so back they go. Finally get to our bottom spot and end up letting my kids fish for most of the day. They're 7 and 4 years old so they need a little help. End up with 8 beeliners and 1 trigger and decide to call it a day around 2. Seas are out of the northwest so the first 20 miles were horrible, slow, and wet. The wife gets soaked and as soon as we get back to the ramp she says shes never fishing in the winter again. Oh well. I had fun. 


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