Need boat lift rental in Bokeela

Looking to rent a boat lift for January and February 2019 in or near Bokeela.


  • yellowdogyellowdog Posts: 150 Deckhand
    Answering my own post, but I'm doing this for my brother. He has rented a house in Bokeelia for Feb and March of this year and it is not on the water. He has spoken to Four Winds and Pineland Marina about a wet slip and they say no way(Four Winds said they will let him know if something opens up but not to expect this to happen). Pineland will put his boat on blocks and put it in and take it out each day. Won't put in until 8:30am, and, it is first come first served. So, they won't let him prepay for the two months to reserve a spot.
    His boat is an 18 ft Privateer with a 70 hp motor. He is renting just south of Four Winds.
    Anybody got space on a seawall he can tie up?
    Any other suggestions other than launching and picking up via the trailer each day? This option is actually more expensive than having the boat on blocks and the marina putting it in each day. 
  • andyfboydandyfboyd Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    I think you can get an annual parking pass for $60 and launch from Matlacha Park.
  • yellowdogyellowdog Posts: 150 Deckhand
    Thanks, passed it on to my brother.
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