Local Consolation Fishing

Planned Bimini  wahoo trip blew up this week at the last minute as the return weather forecast [12 ft seas] forced us to cancel. A real shame as the moon and tides all lined up just right for wahoo. Fished locally for two days with very modest success. Fished Wednesday off the Diamonds from 90-180 ft with live gogs and pilchards and got a keeper mutton and one each king, dolphin, bonita all small and released plus some trash fish. Thursday went to Pacific reef and got 15 tails all legal but biggest less than 2 pounds. Tried some wahoo trolling for the trip back. As we began to  throttle up to the projected  speed of 13-14 mpg we got a 15# decent bull as we passed 9 mph.  We did get some nice fillets but the thought of a failed wahoo trip is still tough to swallow.


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