12/18 St Aug

Sorry for the late report, work and kids kinda put a damper on it.  Myself, my buddy David and his daughter scooted out tuesday along with some friends on their boat.  Cleared the inlet about 6am.  Spent the sunrise catching bait then pressed ENE to about130-140'  Did some drifts and produced a few triggers, bees and porgies.  After about 45 minutes we picked up and ran out to 160-170' where we spent the rest of the day.  Anchored up and proceeded to smash the triggers, bees, porgies, some mangos and a mutton.  The other boat pulled in some scamps, muttons and greys.  Bite shutoff about 2 so we tried a little longer but ended up pushing our way to the hill.  Stopped on the way in and jigged up a couple cobia, back at the ramp by 515.  Seas flattened out beautifully on the ride in.  Almost as if somebody hit the off switch on the fan.  Great day with even better friends.  

Tight lines, Matt


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