Spanish Mackeral -- Edible?

Do any of you eat Spanish Mackeral ? How do you prepare them ? Are they

strong tasting? Thanks


  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,844 Captain
    The Miami Herald Fishing Guide used to call them excellent eating. I like them fresh, never frozen. If you do freeze them I like to eat them with a tomato sauce recipe with peppers, garlic, and a few other ingredients to kill that fishy flavor that they get after sitting in my freezer.
  • Angler SystemsAngler Systems Posts: 919 Officer
    I make a fish dip (spread) out of them, really good. In fact I just had some for lunch!

    Do a search on goggle for fish spreads and you will see a bunch of idea's.
  • limitlesslimitless Posts: 597 Officer
    Fresh boneless fillets broiled with lemon and your choice of seasonings (Old Bay, garlic salt or seasoned salt, thyme, etc.). Once frozen, not so great. They are also excellent to smoke over hickory or fruit wood - marinate in soy sauce and brown sugar mixture with some hot sauce or crushed red pepper.

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  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 540 Officer
    agree, fresh never frozen. i like it marinated in kraft zesty italian dressing and grilled, served with fresh tomato slices and field peas.
  • Flatz KomanderFlatz Komander Posts: 137 Officer
    I like to filet them...put some foil on the grill....couple tabs of butter per filet and season salt or your favorite seasoning...they gotta be fresh!

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  • snookcatcher1snookcatcher1 Posts: 256 Officer
    Great on the grill or in a dip! They tend to be a little oily and a tad fishy compared to other species. Deep frying, broiling and Sushi don't show off a Smacks best side IMO. They are definitely worth keeping and eating though!
  • monoxidemonoxide Posts: 1,094 Officer
    i think they are very good. again fresh never frozen. i bake mine or grill it in aluminum foil with some butter and random other seasonings.
  • jaydubjaydub Posts: 41 Deckhand
    Eat them the same day you catch them. Just broiled some filets then topped with a parmesan topping just until lightly brown. Doesn't take long to cook them so don't over cook.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,144 AG
    Fillet them and cut out the bloodline. Then fry then up like you do trout. You can't tell the difference.
    If I do freeze them, they get smoked and made into dip.

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  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,117 Officer
    my favorite .... raw, wasbi and soy, second broiled w/ butter, garlic, lemon, soy and ginger
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  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    they are great bait for big gouper.
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    I think its personal preference. If you dont mind a stronger tasting fish they are not bad. I don't care for them and wouldnt eat them even if fresh
  • TurksandCaicosTurksandCaicos Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Agree with everyone that they are very good eating but tend to fall apart. Thus they make unreal fish cakes. Add a little crab or shrimp and you will be amazed. Also great to make Thai fishcakes, fish lasagna, etc.
  • Mark O.Mark O. Posts: 3,416 Captain
    I have found that cooking them as hot and fast as possible helps keep the texture a little firmer. Longer cooking times break down the protein which make the fish mushy.

    I put them in a preheated oven at 550. Let them sizzle in their own oil until the skin is blistered. When the fish reaches 400 degrees (only the outer parts will get to this temp) , certain chemical reactions take place between the salt and protein that do not occur at lower cooking temps...that's why fried or grilled meat tastes better than the same meat boiled. A fish "baked" at 350 is basically boiling (or steaming) the inside of the fish. Hotter temps will make the fish smell and taste better.
    Another benefit of fast cooking... the smaller rib bones tend to stay connected to the spine a little better, so easier to separate the meat.
  • Capt M BrennanCapt M Brennan Posts: 488 Officer
    I have fond memories of pan fried Spanish Mack's, really crispy, grits and eggs, over easy, for breakfast at a small local diner off Bayshore Blvd in Tampa when I was a youngster. Late 1960's.
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  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 624 Officer
    Smoked, or blackened in louisiana seasoning and some old bay
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  • dktoothdktooth Posts: 39 Greenhorn
    Thanks for all the advice. Will give them a try. Happy and safe T-giving weekend.
  • badbullgatorbadbullgator Posts: 1,571 Captain
    Flash wrote: »
    Fillet them and cut out the bloodline. Then fry then up like you do trout. You can't tell the difference.
    If I do freeze them, they get smoked and made into dip.

    My daughter loves them broiled with teriyaki. Have to be fresh, or smoked if frozen.
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  • maq attaqmaq attaq Posts: 558 Officer
    Ceviche!!!! We caught one this summer while staying a week in siesta key fillet it, cut it in chunks, chipped up two tomatoes, red pepper, green pepper, sweet red onion, cilantro (a must) and mix it all together in lemon juice, till it's all covered up. We put it in the cooler for 2 hours and them chow down with crackers. It was incredible

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  • chicochico Punta Gorda and PennsylvaniaPosts: 537 Officer
    The important thing is cut out the blood line, this way you will have 4 "fish fingers", instead of 2 fillets. Beer batter those "fingers" and quickly deep fry, serve with Ambar Dos Equis Beer!! WE remove ALL the dark meat from ALL the fish before we cook it (or freeze it). Yes, it makes excellent smoked fish dip.
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