Porgy invasion

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We've been filling the freezer at the casa with sheepshead, ringtails and the occasional black drum the last few weeks.

Two weekends ago, the missus and I went fishing at the rocks and brought home a one-man limit of sheepshead - guess who caught them all? - and a black drum as lagniappe.

This Saturday, I hit the jetties. No fiddlers, just live shrimp. Water was dirty, and the bite was slow but steady. Bite improved considerably when the incoming tide brought in clean water. Ended with a mixed bag of sheepshead and ringtails and had a few friends over for a fresh fish fry. 

On Sunday, we started the day with some low tide creek fishing in the AM. Bite was steady on the last of the outgoing. We picked off a few singles throwing soft plastics around oysters. Mostly slot reds with a few rats and dink trout mixed in. Bite died when the tide bottomed out. Didn't see any schools of reds all morning. We found a group of active feeders after the slack tide lifted but they weren't interested in the lures. So we headed to the rocks.

Again, no fiddlers. Water was still dirty but we slowly put fish in the box. One was a stud with a FAT belly full of various mollusks. Bite got better as the day went on, but we had to leave early and leave them biting. 


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