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A short Poem called Panda Ponders the river

I grew up on the banana river in cocoa beach and have fished it for 25 years(which is not as long as some but i am only 29).
we used to fish the ten thousand islands and canals south of cocoa beach golf course via jon boat or canoe. double digit catches of redfish were common in a session, as were trout over 24" 5+ lbs. the "mosquito ditches" held baby tarpon, and snook would lurk under the bushes with sheephead and black drum. i had many great days just fishing off the dock behind my parents house.....now i visit and dont even bring a rod.....

the river will quiver, it shudders and shakes 

to catch a clean fish try oceans, or lakes 

we mustn't be lazy, and turn a blind eye 

just glance at the river, and try not to cry 

though sitting and staring, will get nothing done 

if we all go to battle, this war can be won 

call upon congress, call city hall 

make sure your voice, through cracks doesn't fall 

phone up your friends, who told you they cared 

every second that passes, means fewer lives spared 

if it all ends, hide your surprise 

for all of it happened, in front of our eyes 
we need more internet money


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