Alice Albino

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I’ve spotted her a few times in the past but now She comes around almost Daily to feed on the birds wasted food, There’s a small young albino and a grey with vivid white underside I believe to be her offspring..


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    great shot of unusual opportunity......... you don't see those every day! 
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    Wow!  Where is this located?  Just curious.
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    I had a white squirrel in my neighborhood years ago. But it was not an albino. White squirrels are not as rare as albino squirrels.
    I'm quite sure you will never see another.
    That photo is very hard to get.
    Albino squirrels are estimated at 1 in 100,000 and they don't survive well as they have a tough time fitting in.
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    Have seen the white squirrels here in Florida, but never an true Albino. Great shot

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