Pompano Surf Rod and Reel Choice Advice Please

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Does anyone here use Avet reels for their Pompano set ups for east coast beach fishing?  I'm considering them and am unsure if I would want the 5.3 SX or the 5.8.  My plan is to set these reels up with 15 pound mono unless convinced otherwise and fish them using live bait on Pompano rigs with perhaps 4 ounce weight.  Since I do not live in FL to try different sizes I will need to buy these based on other's experience.

Secondly I still have not found the surf rod I would want therefore I'm still open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Ideas and thoughts?



  • One DropOne Drop Posts: 155 Deckhand
    All of that sounds great and it comes down to personal choice really.  I will give you a heads up though and you already missed it but the bait run can be really good in Deerfield Beach.  The rockpile halfway between the pier and last metered spots is a pretty good place to start.  No beach fishing between 9 and 5 though. I believe north of the pier at the county line you can fish anytime from there until the life guard stands up by sounds beach pavilion.  Good luck.
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    One Drop, from what I was told you are correct on the restrictions and although I didn't fish as this was a vacation, spend time with my wife trip, the area you mentioned did look promising.

    We didn't get away from the beach area a lot so we aren't that familiar with the area overall, we really liked the beach area, and took a night visit to Mizner Park in Boca which of course my wife really enjoyed.

    I do plan on taking fishing tackle on my next trip and am looking forward to that trip already.
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    for me a surf fishing rod does not need to be fancy unless casting lures all day. anything over 10 feet can heave a rig pretty good, and then you just spike it.....dont over complicate it, i bet some at bass pro or your local shop can be found around 100$ would do the trick.
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  • mara5mara5 Posts: 146 Deckhand
    Surf rods are no different then any other fishing rod. Basically, you have good, better, best. There are a number of surf fishing websites. Before you spend any of your $$$ do some research. Good luck.
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    I'm still in the deciding stage.

  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,781 Captain
    The advantage of lever drag reels is more consistently smooth drag.  If one is targeting smaller fish that take less runs, the advantage of the lighter spool of a star drag reel being able to cast slightly farther may be a better choice.  
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