Port Canaveral mahimahi tuna trolling

Hope the cold front and stormy weather will be over soon.
We want to go out of pc to catch mahimahi and tuna with ballyhoo rigs with scirts.
Where is a good place and what are good dephts to focus on trolling.
Last time in April we started before the 20 mile buoy and catched 2 mahimahi.

What do you recommend for trolling area?

Any idea for a good spot for catching mullets and other live bait ?


  • tijeretatijereta Posts: 223 Deckhand
    First look for clear water, then look for other conditions like currents, weed lines, birds, temperature breaks, etc.
    Good luck!!
  • jhdog13jhdog13 Posts: 220 Deckhand
    Check out FSFAclub.org.  No meeting until 1st Tues in Feb.  Lot of good people with a good deal of information.
  • zingoazingoa Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks good idea but we want to go out next weekend and the following days
  • Frosty1Frosty1 Posts: 121 Deckhand

    Out of PC, North 8A for kingfish (sea witches/double rigged ballyhoo on planers) 140' start looking for weed lines or current rips, trolling for dolphin, wahoo and tuna out to 220'

    Have fun

  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,138 Officer
    How big is your boat?
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