40-50' out of Clearwater

Well, pretty unproductive day.  Fished sardines, squid and bonito chunks.  Found some grunts in 35', then did some exploring around 50'.  


Moved back in to around 40' and thought we were on to something.  I put a bonito chunk down and came tight on something heavy only to have the hook pull.
A minute later im solid into something good.  Thought it was a grouper until it took me around the boat.  Then i was thinking shark.
Much to my surprise it was an aj.  In 40'!  

I thought we were finally on a good spot, but nothing else happened.  We could not get the anchor to hold and kept drifting off.

Water temps around 65.  I could see my jig around 25' down. 

It did not seem like anyone else was doing much.  Boats all around, no one stayed long. 


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