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Hello Kitty

7 Dec 2018...C - 54... West end, water really dirty, suspect that it is from the current work. Hello Kitty...Best fish of the day, 5 # 4 oz Channel Cat.  Working the drops for Bream and Speck, kept getting Bass.  Monster hit, tangled up with another line.  Got it in, a Cat.  Glad to see them coming back.  Most of the fish today were caught on the Rapala UL Minnow, Clown pattern.  Worked the Rapala CD 03 on the 2 # rod.  Few very small Bream and a couple of 12 inch Bass.  Went to work on the Speck.  No Speckzilas.  Wound up keeping 12 for the day.  Most in the 11 to 12 inch range.  Big Bass were scarce today, turned over 20, none over 13 inches.  Cat and Bass released for future  encounters.  Starting a new movement...Gonna call it Bobber Rescue.  2 trips, managed to save 6.  Speck, guest of honors at dinner.

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