Battery wiring questions - could use experts advice

lowerkeyslowerkeys Posts: 96 Greenhorn
I have a 1996 189 and replacing batteries and trying to understand how wiring already in boat is laid out. Wiring appears to be original. Batteries number 1 and 2 in my sketch are for 24v trolling motor on left side. Battery 3 is crank to engine on right. I have 3 questions. 1st- I was surprised to see the wire connecting the negative on the crank to the negative on the trolling motor series. Is that appropriate? 2nd- I think I need a fuse in circuit of trolling motor battery series. Is the location I marked in my sketch correct? 3rd - what type of fuse (amps?) should I use? Thanks guys


  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 1,065 Officer
    The negative leads are together so you can have a "Common Ground" This way your battery charger will also have a common ground for reference when charging each battery. The fuse for the trolling motor may be behind the trolling motor connector. I'm not sure but check just in case. Otherwise you can install one. as far as what size check what the amperage is for the trolling motor.   
  • lowerkeyslowerkeys Posts: 96 Greenhorn
    Thank you. That all makes sense.
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