FPI- Mega Mutton, Lots of kings-12/3

BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,174 Officer
So Big wave Dave and I headed 18 miles north in 80 feet of water. It was a bumpy ride as the south winds that looked calm close to the beach wernt so calm off shore. We anchored up and caught a steady variety of lanes and triggers with an a steady bite from the kingfish on the flatlines. Once we limited out on kings we had to stow the flatlines as all we were getting were more kings. We had been hoping for a repeat of an unusual catch from earlier. A very large Mutton came up from the bottom in 80 feet and took a dead sardine off Daves   flatline on top. The wind was howling and the current was strong so we know, with no wheight on the rig, that the bait was right on top. Dave an I broke off at least 10 big fish that took us into the rocks. Im sure some were Nurse sharks but I believe others were more mega muttons that we just couldnt handle.


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