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Hey guys, I am down in Boynton Beach for work and I have time every evening to fish. I want to catch some Peacock Bass. My hotel is right on the Lake Ida Canal by Gateway Blvd. I have a few questions. What lures do you recommend to use to catch them? Where do I target them in the canal system? Any information is super helpful. Thank you!


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    Thats about their northern boundary.  I've caught a couple in lake ida but not on purpose, just not enough for me to target them specifically.  You can catch clown knife fish in that lake and along that canal but you won't have much light left after work probably.  Your best bet is to head to Miami down the turnpike and stop at any kind of body of water that looks fishable.  Peacocks are more plentiful than largemouths and you'll catch a few Mayan cichlids as well as some snakeheads.  Hell maybe a surprise tarpon or snook.  If you can't make it to Miami try some canals and ponds in Coconut Creek.  Tradewinds park or The Township will have a few still hanging around.  Try using little crappie jigs. 1/8 or 1/16oz.  Fire tiger, black and white and blue are my go to colors.  Capt. Zaremba taught me taught me that a smaller hook works better for peacock bass.  I caught this one in September walking around various canals.  Using a black and white crappie jig. Also a Yozuri gold pins minnow works pretty well.
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    Great information! Thank you so much! Gonna be off around 330 today. I'll head down south some and see if i can snag a few.
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    Cool, let us know how you do.  

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    I have caught lots of Peacock bass on the lake just north of the landfill between Sample and the road to the sawgrass expect. powerline road This was years ago
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    I live in boynton beach on the canal and catch them off my dock. Fish the bridges by your hotel with live shiners I have caught many there. The bite is a lot better the further south you go. Especially now with it getting colder. But there are plenty of peacock bass in the canals between Lake Ida and Lake Osborne
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    here a few pics off our dock
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    Stud Palm Beach peacock Frydaddy. Your boys smile is priceless!!  Good to know their northern boundary is holding strong.  Ever catch any clown knife fish?  
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    I found a small one I'm my crab traps when I was pulling them out to prep for this season. My son caught one in the leisureville lake just south of boynton blvd on live shiner
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