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2 for 2 tarpon, 2 snook, 1 toothy trout

Wanted to see what the fish are up to since we had the cold front pass through and the temps weren't too low last night so let's give it a go.  Got up to the spot at 6:30, water temp 64... tarpon everywhere.  These are the resident tarpon that I target all winter... they're mostly 10-30 pounders with a couple of big lazy fatty girls mixed in.  We didn't get many hits today but the ones we got we hooked up on.  Ended up going two for two... one was a good 30 pounder that fought great on the light tackle... the other was about a 10 pounder.
I caught a trout and figured we might go for the inshore grand slam while we were at it... just needed a snook and a redfish... so we headed to a spot I knew we'd get a few snook from.
Got up there and boated a 25" snook and then a fat 35" girl.  The pics don't do this fish justice.  Need to get those arms out!  :)

Well I didn't plan the slam all that well because my hit or miss (usually miss) redfish spot was way in the other direction and we were running out of time... ahh well.  Next time.

Stay away from the red tide, find moving water, structure, water that warms up fast and you'll find fish.


Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
Captain Keith - Crooked Rod Charters


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