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A Q about bugs in the Rocky Point/ICW area...

Just beyond the east side of Rocky Point in Stuart, is a large State Park that is between the ICW and the ocean. So, with mainly easterly sea breezes going from Ocean to State Park to ICW to east shore of Rocky Point....., how bad would the bug situation be for those that live along the eastern shoreline of Rocky Point?

I've zoomed in using Google Earth and it looks like about half the houses have screened in pools and half don't. 

We might go look at a house for sale in that area so wanted some First Hand info from those that are familiar with that area....

Thanks in advance......


  • Aquaholic IVAquaholic IV Posts: 922 Officer
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    Gary M. - I spoke to a buddy that lives in Rocky Point, right across the street from the County Park in Rocky Point.  He says at dusk and dawn the No seeum's will carry you away.  The screens for the pool need to be special for no seeum's as they will come right through a normal screen enclosure. Further he loves his home and the area, wouldn't trade for anything.  
  • saltyseniorsaltysenior Posts: 868 Officer
    helped trim out a house(1975)that was on a canal in the Gomez area...In mid day would be eaten alive by no-seeums while doing a closet.....the owner's wife made them move.                                       Of course they had the same problem on Hilton Head at that time, but a DC-3 out of Savannah solved the problem 
  • thesoothsayerthesoothsayer Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    no seeums were deadly today, all day. Anywhere there are mangroves, there are no seeums when the wind dies or turns west.  unless it is freezing cold out. 
  • Salty GatorSalty Gator Posts: 1,829 Captain
    Our marina is about a mile north of there on the west side of the ICW surrounded by mangroves.  Theno see ums are fierce first thing in the morning and late afternoon.  We do not have a screen on the pool 1 block inland but we do use a mosquito magnet and thermacells.  It is tolerable, but theystill usually drive my wife indoors when the feeding starts.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,242 AG
    Thanks guys........

    We looked at the house a few weeks ago and it's not for us. But, your info above will help if our Realtor calls with another home to look at in that area........ so Thanks!!
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