2019 Red Snapper Season Shortened

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Looks like the FL gulf red Snapper season will be 32 days in 2019. The FWCC catch estimates puts FL anglers over the ACL, they are reporting a harvest of 2,010,726 Lbs. The total amount of red snapper weighed by FWCC for 2019 for the private rec side was 2,331.69lbs, so they weighed .001% of private angers fish. Aren't anglers better than .001%?


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    Sounds like hard factual data to me!

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    Fake news!
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    The estimated 2019 Florida EFP quota is 1,722,095 lbs.  This number accounts for the 232,211 lbs. overage from the 2018 season and Florida’s portion of the expected 2019 red snapper quota increase, which is 175,791 lbs.  The quota increase is pending approval by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.
    Staff estimates that this adjusted 2019 quota would allow for a 32-day recreational red snapper season.  This estimate accounts for the high catch rates observed in 2018 and is expected to keep harvest within Florida’s quota, assuming the season structure for 2019 is similar to the season set in 2018.  Staff suggests having a continuous season starting June 11 through July 12 (32 days) to provide optimal harvest opportunities for Florida anglers and help reduce the risk of an overage.  This season would be structured similar to the 2018 season, which also opened June 11.  If there is quota available after the summer season, FWC could reopen in the fall for a limited harvest.
    Commission direction is requested on the 2019 Florida red snapper season.nt
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