So the wifey is an avid runner, half marathons and full marathons....stuff like that. And sometimes if an overnight stay is required we do the getaway together. 

Well.....I don’t run.....don’t want to show off, you know!!.....but in most cases I look to see where we are going to see if there’s an opportunity to wet a line.

Well, this past weekend was just such a case, since we were going to be in Cocoa Beach for the Space Coast Marathon. 

And seeing king as I had 11 clams left over from a quick Thanksgiving morning fishing trip, I decided to pack a couple of rods and give it a shot. 

So so the plan was set...the runners are scooped up from the hotel and bussed to the starting line at 4:30am......and at daybreak I planned on being on the beach fishing my clams. 

Well it it was warm Sunday after thanksgiving at 81 degrees that day...water temps were still in the 70’s and there was just two nice bars on this high impact beach on the higher end of the tide. In other words perfect conditions where long casts were not necessary. 

I did have my doubts if the pomps pomps would be down there, since the run is still strong here in the N Fla area....but I said you won’t know unless you go. 

And let let me tell ya, from the first cast....the fish were fired up...2 rods is all I could manage, as the fished were keyed in on the fresh clam. 

We caught whiting, palometa, a couple of nice pompano, and 5 drum between 16 to 19 inches !!  Some smaller puppy drum , a catfish or three, and I think a spot. 

All in 55 minutes , because that was when we ran out of clam... besides it was time to go collect the runners at the finish line 😜

all in all great fishing, for that short window !!
I wonder how well we could have done had we had a bunch of bait and a good few hours to fish.....I’m thinking we would’ve stayed em. But, we had a good catch and plenty of fish !!

This is is a new friend, Wayne...who’s wife runs with mine, he doesn’t fish much, but I talked him into going to keep me company....he caught one of the drum, and a nice pompano !! And some of the other fish....I kept saying, Wayne get that rod !! 😜 cause I was busy cracking clams and setting out. It was a wild time. 


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