West End Grand Bahamas- Triggers on fly

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Took a quick break from Wahoo Fishing and went wading with the long pole and picked up a fat triggers (Talley).

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    Cool.. most aren't aware that triggers can be better eating than snapper... once you filet the perfect white meat off of that thick leathery skin....
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    Very cool, good looking fish.
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    Triggerfish are a huge fly target species in Seychelles and on Christmas Island. A real prize target. They are the main target of fisheries in the Sudan. Generally you can see them tailing on coral flats. The flats have a different structure than in the Bahamas. Usually they are wide, flat coral platforms, with deep channels between them. You walk on the coral flats when the tide is just right. They tend to hold in place better than permit, and can give you a few tries when you cast to them. They put up a very good fight.

    I would love to hear of a place in the Bahamas where they can be reliably targeted. Snapper, too. I think it would be a great opportunity to go along with bonefish and permit.

    I have caught bones, a permit, many tarpon, milkfish, trevally.
    I can honestly say that this is one of my most-treasured fly catches ever.



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    I target bonefish in West End Flats and typically catch triggers as a bycatch.  They cna be really spooky like bonefish and once they see you they take off.  but when they are there you usually come across 4-6 fish feeding in the rocks at low tide with their tails in the air.  I hunt them down just like a bonefish or redfish.  I like to use a crab pattern fly as that will please both species.  I can target them them pretty consistently here as they are predictable with the low tide, you should try this location out sometime. 
    Mark Wilson
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    Nice. In the Bahamas and in Key West we used to call triggerfish "Turbots". Not to be confused with the northern flatfish of the same name. Anyway, great eating. You can get minced Turbot in the Bahamas. They fix it the same way as the minced Crawfish.

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    Cool stuff
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    Thanks, Docked, I will.
    Triggerfish are one of the reasons I am interested in trying to fish Crooked Island.
    I get to the West End usually a time of two a year. Mostly after tuna. 'll throw in a trigger.

    Merry Christmas!

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    I have heard them called Ocean Tally, Trigger Fish or Turbot. They are often served at fish fries in the Bahamas, deep fried with the head on. They seem to be present on a lot of flats that hold bone fish especially if the are rocky. They are the ones with the black, not silvery tails. I have not had any luck trying to catch them when I don't see any bones, but will try crab patterns and see if that works.
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    That's just a fantastic looking fish.  Would love a shot at one of those someday.
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