PB Inlet Sunday

headed out at 6:45 and started trolling for wahoo.  2 minutes in got a bite coming off the ledge but hook pulled after 5 minutes.  No action on the troll for next hours.  Squeaked our a handful of snappers in 200’+ for dinner.  Lure was brand new.


  • Blue H2OBlue H2O Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    I was thinking back about a month ago when I had a very similar experience and was wondering if you just happened to be trolling north when you got the bite. Nice job bringing home dinner with the snapper. I guess I'm gonna try out a lil deeper as you say 200'+. I've been trying in a lil closer and it's been a lil challenging finding keeper size. Thanks for the report
  • butts182butts182 Posts: 175 Deckhand
    We were trolling SE about 110-120 degrees.  just came out of the inlet
  • Blue H2OBlue H2O Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    OK, good to know, thx
  • blakhawkdocblakhawkdoc Posts: 212 Deckhand
    Nice job on getting supper. Thanks for the report
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