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C - 54 Slow day

20 Nov 2018...C - 54... Sub par performance in the ditch.  Can tell that the Stick Marsh is being over run again, constant traffic for close to an hour.  Repeated around noon as many were leaving.  Day started pretty good.  15 Baby Bass, one Speck and a baby Gar, cut me twice while I was removing the hook.  Rapala CD, back hook got both the upper and lower jaws.  Caught a pair of Mayan Cichlids to add to the mix.  Bite died by 0900.  Headed West, work crew pumping dirty water into one of the South side cuts.  Last mile to the Marsh spillway, dirty water, nothing, not even a Gar. Came back West to the Cattle Crossing bridge.  Pitching a Berkley Gulp, started caching Red Breasts, no Copperheads today.  1400, expecting a good afternoon bite, started trolling again.  Bass were a little bigger 12 inches common, biggest, 13.5 inches.  Picked up a pair of 12 inch Specks.  Another Tilapia in the 4 pound range, donated to a couple at the ramp.  Many shades of happy, a 15 inch Channel Cat ate the Rapala UL Minnow.  This is pretty important as after the net ban, the commercial guys ran trot lines and decimated the population.  Cat released to grow.  

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