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Should I bring my 12 Wt

86 Four Winns86 Four Winns Posts: 5 Greenhorn
I'll be in Bonita Beach 2nd wk Dec shore fishing the beach, bays, piers and try canoe fishing out of Everglades City. I'll do a full day party boat as well. Should I bring a 12 wt fly rod I acquired or is it unneeded baggage for the flight from up north....and what would I need it for this time of year. My main rod will be surf & regular spinning rod w/ shimano 3500 or 6500 baitrunners. Should I bring a 7 or 9 wt fly rod vs the 12 wt for the beach. I imagine the beach will be mainly ladyfish and if I get lucky in the 10K islands it'll be saltwater trout. Thanks

86 Four Winns


  • DPrestonDPreston Posts: 153 Officer
    The 12 is probably not needed for the type of fishing you mention. I would bring the 7 for the beach and the 9 for the canoe. Or of you only want to bring one the 9 should cover you for most situations.
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    X2 on the 9
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  • DowntownNashDowntownNash Posts: 182 Officer
    I'm more concerned with making sure you remember to bring a camera so you can report back here with pictures!
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,826 Captain
    86, if you can only bring one rod, make it a 9wt.... If you can bring two fly rods, then keep them two line sizes apart. My standard setup for anglers in the 'Glades is an 8wt with a floating line and a 10wt (with a full intermediate line along with a floater as a spare). The 8wt gets used for just about everything except bigger flies (than a 2/0...) or bigger fish (over 30lbs, if they're tarpon). The only time the big sticks (11wt and heavier) are aboard is when we're shark or tarpon fishing. Hope this helps.
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