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BBI Phins

We cleared the inlet just before 6 this morning, out to around 100' and started trolling with the planers trying to get another hoo. Our initial spread consisted of a big strip with red/blk Islander, a purple/blk Islander on a jumbo ballyhoo and a pink/white Islander on ballyhoo. We trolled out to 300' and back in to 100' from the inlet to Sloans and got a Bonita smaller than ballyhoo for our efforts, poor. We also had skirted ballyhoo on the riggers, which also received no love. 

So so then we decided to switch gears and head out and see if we could find anything fishy looking. Went out to 600 and found a good amount of scattered weeds and went 2 for 5 on decent Phins. We lost a nice dolphin on the planer that we went on to use from earlier. The wire leader must have had a kink in it, ☹️ All bites were on ballyhoo with mini Islanders pink and white except for the deep bite we lost that was on a big strip with a smoke producing Boone bait. Lot of work keeping the baits clean, but worth the effort and a great time fishing with my Buddies! 


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