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Jupiter 10Nov2018

We didn't mess around trying to find live bait.  Ran out to the nicest seas a person has any right to expect in November.  We set a 5 line spread of pure plastic in about 100 and worked out to about 600, with some variation to catch last week's target depths.  We had four small baits (feathers, billy bait, etc.) and the SR Widerange as an armed teaser.  We swam the hook of the WR -- only 135 cable on that hookset.  The rigger popped once for a short run off, but other than that it was several hours of boat riding.  We came in to drift some.  Virtually no drift -- slight current against the wind.  We caught a short mutton and a small king.

Today I re-rigged the widerange with a more proper hookset, but I didn't have heat shrink for it so broken elbows will have to do or get taped up.  The hookset for the Ahi **** tear drop is waiting for shrink before I build a leader for that one.  One more to compete for time in a spread crowded with favorites.


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