SMOKERR and some RG

Headed out of Wiggins at around 730, decided to go to some hard-bottom out about 24 miles. First we drifted but couldn't get to the bottom even with 6oz weights because of the wind and chop. So we made the decision to anchor up, then we started to catch some fish. for some reason we here catching a few HUGE grunts and some smaller lanes. On the way out we stopped and got a dozen or so sand perch. They were gone within 15 minutes. After 3 keepers or so we decided to move over a little because the bit slowed down. As soon as we moved the bite was red hot again. While i was fishing light tackle off the back i cough MASSIVE blue runner and decided to throw it off the back as a free line, within 15 minutes it started singing and the it seemed that every rod on the boat got tangled with the free-line. after a couple of minutes of straighting that out, the fight was on. soon it resulted as a smoker king... OHH YEAHH. on top of that we got it on 50 lb mono and the 5ot circle hook was straightend out.:huh After that battle we had 5 keeper in the boat and decided to call it a day, was at the dock at 130 or so.


  • Shaun31Shaun31 Posts: 150 Officer
    Nice king, seems like more reports of BIG kingfish lately.
  • JBowlesJBowles Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    Thanks, hopefully it stays like that ha. and i think i got broke off by a king earlier in the day, my line started screaming then i reeled in and my leader was cut straight off. :(
  • AnglerFXAnglerFX Posts: 42 Deckhand
    awesome lets go fishing!
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