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Daytona Beach Area - Good Inshore Fishing?

Hi folks,

I am visiting Daytona Beach next week for a couple days and I'm looking for some good local spots to fish from shore.  I'll be driving up from Broward where there isn't too much good inshore fishing and hopefully I'll be able to hook into some decent fish.  It's been a dream of mine to catch a Snook for years but I haven't managed to yet (lived abroad for a while and don't have access to a boat unfortunately).  Any good spots to go for Snook from shore?  I'd settle for Reds, Jacks, Trout, Pompano from the surf--whatever, really.  I'll be staying on the beach and could do some surf fishing as well if that's productive this time of year.  I don't have the money to hire a local guide so I'll be giving it my best shot from the shore, be that a jetty, pier, the surf or a bay.  Thanks for any tips you can offer.  


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