Wicked Tuna...Fintastic Style...11/7/2018

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Brother was in town so blew off work and decided to get some meat.  After my trip with Burch a few weeks ago, I was excited to get back out there and see what we could do.  Weather looked great so off we go.  Plan was to hit the pipeline/mitigation areas for mangos, yellowtails, groupers, etc...and have a flat line out to see what we could get.  

Wind was a LITTLE stronger than I thought it would be but still very very nice.  I have been having issues with the trolling motor and was hoping I worked them out but alas, I did not so it was anchor duty for the crew.  

Get to our first 2 #'s and there are boats sitting right on them.  Keep heading west to some pipe #'s and throw the marker.  First bait down, keeper red grouper.  Proceeded to put probably 6 nice mangos in the box.  A few extinct ARS came to play but thankfully they overall stayed away today.  

We ended up about 50 feet away from our jug as the tide and winds swung us away a bit so we adjusted back and got another 4 or 5 nice mangos.  Had the flat line out but tide was kind of going the wrong way and never got a run on it.

Bite slows so we ran over to another spot that I haven't been able to get on in a while. Great show.  Drop down and nothing but small ARS.  Then some dude in a boat named "The Italian Job" or something like that pulls up literally 50' from me and starts fishing. Idiot...  Fish were not what we wanted so we pulled and headed to the next spot.

Good show.  Throw the jug drop the anchor.  Nothing excited.  Lets motor around a little bit in this area.  See a great show just a few hundred feet from where we started and reset anchor.  As we are getting situated, Jeff puts down a hunk of dead sardine and gets NAILED and pulls up a really nice size ARS.  Great fight but back you go.  I put a line down and bam...same thing.  Really nice ARS and back you go.

I remembered I didn't have the flat line out.  Grab a cigar minnow and throw him out.  Before the rod is in the rod holder it goes off.

Tuna #1 in the box.  Put flat line out again.  Within 5 minutes it goes off again...Brother Zeke's turn....

Put it out again and boom it goes off again.  Hand it to my buddy Jeff.  He let the line get slack and it spit the hook.  Put it back out and within 10 minutes the drag screaming starts again and #3 is on the gaff...

Amongst the tuna chaos, Jeff also pulled up a HUGE flag yellowtail.  Probably 6-8 lbs.  

Getting late, had to hall butt to get back in.  Didn't take any individual mango or yellow tail etc pictures but had a good day.  Ended up with I think over a dozen mangos up to 6-8 pounds, one HUGE yellowtail, a red grouper, a BLACK grouper for the second trip in a row, and 3 beautiful tunas.

My temperature wasn't working so not sure water temp.  Wind was north.  Pretty mellow tide all day long.  Started off moving slightly north then switched to slightly south but chum was going pretty much straight down until the end of the day which I think helped a lot with the snappers.  Several fish that came up were spitting out chum.

On the bottom overall we were using cut frozen sardines on 3/8 to 1/2 oz jigs.  Chummed heavy with small white bait I got on Sunday.  

When we went out it was slack tide so bait was hard to come by.  Got some small white bait at the fort desoto gulf pier but not a lot.  I had plenty of frozen.  Checked the channel markers as we headed out and minimal bait shows until we got to the whistler where we got a few dozen cigars and sardines which turned out to be tuna candy for us....

Fished from 90 to 100' of depth.  30 - 34 miles west of egmont around the pipe.

GREAT day on the water.  Get out there.  They are chewing...

Tight Lines....
In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013


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