First time out in a LONG time... 1 for 9 tarpon and some nice snook mixed in

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Guys I've been slacking.  When the red tide really hit us in mid June I pretty much stopped fishing regularly.  I was turning charters away, the water was disgusting, and honestly I just didn't feel like being on the water at all.  It made me sick how nasty the water was.  I'd go out a little here and there with some mixed results, but I was just going through the motions.  This past weekend I took my daughter out fishing and I watched her catch 7 small mackerel out of a big pod we found off the beach.  I sat there watching the smile on her face and it reminded me why we fish.  Birds were dive bombing, mackerel were skying out of the water, and the cute little freckle face girl was just hootin and hollerin and grinnin from ear to ear.  I needed that reminder. 
So today I decided to go fish a good outgoing tide with very light wind and it's the day before a no-moon... perfect recipe for a good night... Within 5 minutes of having the baits out we hooked up on a 120 lb (conservative) tarpon.  Rodney the rod holder did a great job of setting the hook and we chased her around for 55 minutes before the hook pulled.  I wish I could have gotten that one in but I got tired of fighting it and really cranked the drag down... 10 minutes later the hook pulled.  All good though... we know there has to be more so we head back about a mile to where we started.  We jumped 8 more tarpon, got one to the boat, and mixed in a 36" and 28" snook in between the tarpon.  It was non-stop action during the outgoing, and I bet we missed more fish than we caught.  The tide turned and with it the fish decided they were done.
As we were fishing tonight I realized how happy we were.  We were hootin and hollerin and grinnin from ear to ear... and that's why I love this.


Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
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