Headed out Friday and Saturday anyone else? (Mayport)

Corto99Corto99 JaxPosts: 11 Greenhorn
Weather depending might make a trip offshore anyone else going to make the trip. If weather is bad i will stay inshore. 


  • FirmanjaxFirmanjax Posts: 368 Deckhand
    I was just looking at it.  I'm trying to get the crew together so hopefully will be going out as well.  What are you going after?
  • Corto99Corto99 JaxPosts: 11 Greenhorn
    my buddy from out of town is coming in, so i want to get him a bull red and maybe hit some offshore reefs if the weather is good!!
  • FirmanjaxFirmanjax Posts: 368 Deckhand
    I'm gonna check out the wahoo bite and do a little bottom bumpin.
  • MaverickMaverick Posts: 715 Officer
    Lookin pretty. Goin zebra hunting outta Fernandina
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  • portusrogerportusroger Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Firmanjax said:
    I'm gonna check out the wahoo bite and do a little bottom bumpin.
    Gary are you going Saturday?
  • FirmanjaxFirmanjax Posts: 368 Deckhand
    Sorry I didn't get back sooner.  Went last Saturday and did pretty well.  Went 3-3 on wahoo with one over 50.  Got one mahi and some triggers and beeliners.  Turned out to be a really nice day.  Won't be going this weekend though.  Good luck to those who do. 
  • cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 63 Greenhorn
    Did anyone head out yesterday?  Has the bottom bite moved closer to shore yet?
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