Beach Snook

dblhaulerdblhauler Posts: 6 Greenhorn
Heading to Florida on Nov 27 for the winter. I usually fish the Gulf side beaches from Anna Marie Island south to Sarasota. Has anyone had any luck with Snook fishing those beaches or have they already moved into the rivers for the winter? Thanks in advance.


  • noelg11892noelg11892 Posts: 210 Deckhand
    I havnt fished down there but they probobly moved in already. After the first few cold fronts and the red tide i think they moved off already, i havent seen any fish or heard reports of them still being on the beaches around tampa bay
  • TooLooseTooLoose Posts: 52 Greenhorn
    There were numbers of big snook on the beaches/passes last weekend. However, we have our first real cold front coming through this week - lows of 50 and 53. I think that may push the last of them out.
  • JustKeepSwimmingJustKeepSwimming Posts: 256 Deckhand
    You'll have more look catching Snook in Sarasota bay when you come down. 
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