Fixer-Upper Camper Trailer - Almost Free

Made the trek to Port St. Joe over the weekend to give the "last rites" to our trailer.

The camper was parked along 30A at Bayou RV., which was flooded by Michael.
The insurance adjuster deemed it "totaled", and we'll get a check ... eventually.

However, with a little repair, it could return to active service.

It might have floated a while, but it came down on a set of angle-iron stairs with heavy wood treads.
The A/C unit was certainly under water ... and water did get inside ... at least for a while.
A surprising amount of stuff was undamaged, still high & dry ... and even better, no mold.

She came down like a three-quarter ton ballerina when we pulled out the debris.  

There's still value in that trailer, if anyone's interested.  A portable fish-camp?

It was trucked to the PARTCO car auction in Tallahassee on Saturday. )

For what we've been told, it might go for a few hundred bucks.

We'd like it to go to a good home, since we've babied it since 2002.

All three tires are new. 
The RV shop here used marine grade bearing grease on the wheels.
( No guarantee, but they probably survived intact. )
The furnace and fridge are probably toast, but so what?
The 3-way fridge was overkill. Small "dorm room" electric fridges are cheap.
The gas furnace was also overkill, especially in Florida. Electric space heater would be fine.
We removed the gas stove and just used a toaster-oven and a Foreman Grill.
( We returned the stove ... it's back inside the camper, but not connected. )
The trailer has a Torsion Axle, and rides like it's on rails. Zero sway on the highway.
It pops-up into an A-frame cabin, with lots of headroom. Takes about 30 seconds.

Send an PM if you'd like additional details.


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    Sorry for you loss. Were there any of those fiberglass "egg style" Casitas in that RV park?
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