Fort Pierce Area 11/2 and 11/3

Tania and I decided to change it up this week. On Friday 11/2 we went surf fishing and on Saturday 11/3 we took the boat out. We have only been surf fishing once before and we don't have any surf rods so I wasn't sure if we would actually catch anything, but we were lucky and caught one legal pompano and several whiting. We caught a few other fish and we lost a few fish, assuming they were sharks the way they cut our lines. There was tons of life in the water so it was good to see the red tide was completely gone and it didn't devastate our beaches as its doing on the west coast. On Saturday the conditions made it tough and we did not bring anything home. Tania caught 3 undersize Snook, a few Jacks, a few short Lane Snapper, a Puffer, and a Mojarra. I caught a few short Mangrove Snappers, a few short Lane Snappers, and a blue fish. Today was one of the toughest days fishing we have had in awhile. Heck we even came home with some bait. One thing we did get to see was the Navy Seals flying around North Bridge. I hope all who made it out had better luck than we did. Tight lines my friends.

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