Capt. George Hyde/Hardway

Our dad, Capt. George Hyde is in hospice at home.  He wanted us to post this as his last sign off.
"Dear Fellow Fishing Members and lovers of the Everglades.  This is my last sign off and I hope you all will continue to enjoy the abounding outdoors as much as I have.  Please try and take care of one another and also take care of the environment.  A special note to Ashley at the bait store, he said to tell you he still has 5 dozen shrimp in the freezer after he asked you for 3 dozen the last time he was in.  Many thanks for all of your friendships and fellowship.  All the best to you, Capt. George Hyde, The Voice of Reason (Hardway).

Dad has been the most wonderful father of 3 daughters who love to fish, teacher, mentor, confidante and admirer of all things outdoors.  He and mom have been married for 59 years.  We will all miss him terribly when the time comes.

In the meantime, if you have any stories or words for him that you would like my sisters and I to relate to him, please do.


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