St Joe Bay fishing 11/01/18

The ramps at White City and downtown Port St Joe are in good condition.  The bay is full of bait around the edges with birds and fish feeding every where.  Our friends started us off with a big Black Drum on the flats just off the downtown ramp.

The bay was very calm so we decided to take a look at the new pass across the bay at Eagle Harbor.  The pass had 5 feet at its shallowest with the tide about 2/3 down.

We messed around on the flats inside the pass and got a flounder followed by a Bluefish.  Around 11am  a breeze from the SE started to fill in and we ran back across the bay before it could get uncomfortable.

We went back to the flats between the boat ramp and the marinas south jetty and got the redfish where the minnows got backed up against the south jetty.  Everything was on soft jig tails.


  • CaptJCaptJ Posts: 667 Officer
    Why keep the bluefish?
  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,723 Captain
    CaptJ said:
    Why keep the bluefish?
    I like bluefish as long as it's fresh
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  • w32pamelaw32pamela Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I like bluefish and all we had in the box was the flounder which wasn't going to feed 4 people so we kept the Bluefish.  If we had picked up the redfish before the bluefish then I might not have kept the bluefish.
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