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Missed Slam

30 Oct 2018... Wabasso South...Decided to give it a shot, hoping Red Tide aerosols would not be present, good guess.  Water quality spotty, a few clean areas.  Started at the Pine Island cut.  Short Snook and Snapper.  This turned out to be a Snooklet kind of day, quit counting at 30.  Snook ranged from a 6 inch monster ta a 22 inch big brother.  Snapper were high up in the game, 6 legal.  These were followed by Jacks up to 5 pounds.  Next stop Hobart Landing, a 15 and 17 inch Trout.  Fair start for the day.  Take the long run to Grand Harbor easy in on the Golf Cart Bridge, a little tight coming back out.  Loads of bait, nothing but short Snook and a pair of Legal Snapper.  Estuary, slow.  Back in the mud, spotted a Red moving opposite direction of Mullet.  Back cast, followed down, no hit.  Waited and cast back to a good pocket, bump, another Snook.  On to the Vero/Johns Island stretch.  Culvert going crazy, Jacks up to 5 pounds eating anything that moved.  Got tired after six.  Sheephead tough today, saw a few, but no players.  Pulled a Little Ugly out of a Mangrove pocket.  Time to get serious, need a Red for the FWC Family Slam (Trout, Red and Black Drum).  Worked the Mangroves at Oyster Cut, no hits, another day, no new shirt.  Trout were caught on a Rapala Rip Stop, most of the others caught on Baby Vudu Shrimp.  All players released for future encounters.  

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