LWI Report 10/30

Watching the weather and took the day off hoping to catch the NE wind shift.  Well reports were all wrong and it blew NW hard until noon.  Released a sail early off Lost Tree in shallow (106').  Got some decent GoPro video with a few jumps but I need to learn how to edit and make the file size smaller.  Looking for suggestions on a Mac.  Fish ate a live goggle eye on a balloon.  Long time no bites after that.  Fished deeper 180 -240.  North current 1.5 knots.  Went back to the edge and after the wind shifted got a bonita on the kite.  Nice hit with the google eye jumping out of the water but the fish did not fight at all.  Had a cut-off on the kite despite a long trace of wire and pulled the hook on something else at 1:00 off the kite as well.
Met my wife at the dock and we took my 3 year old grandchild and his friend out to peanut for some fun.


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