10/27 Lower Keys Lobster Report

I noticed that there was going to be a bit of a temperature drop with the north winds blowing some cool air our way.  I figured this could possibly be a trigger to send the bugs scurrying out of the area so I wanted to do a quick trip to survey what the population was like.  I generally try and do a Lobster trip once a week as i am trying to see how late in the season I can still catch them.  I generally stop off at few different spots each time and cull one or two depending on how packed they are.   This trip I was pretty shocked in how many Lobsters there were.  Pretty much at pre-mini season levels with sizes from adults all the way down to juveniles.  My main target areas are the little keys in or adjacent to the main channels that run from the Gulf to the Atlantic.

Youtube - KEY WEST KAYAK FISHING https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGY6yxE8kogYHKXisMhA2w
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