10/27/2018 offshore SLI

had a pretty good day off SLI on my buddy Mike's TwinVee. Bait was fast and plentiful at the sandpile.  hung around there for a while to play with the kings and giant barracuda that were hanging out under the boat.  ran out past push button looking for dolphin, making several stops along the way but couldn't come up with anything.  on the way back in we see a sailfish grey hounding in 240 feet.  set up and produce another big cuda.  ran in to 70 feet or so.  put a live sardine on bottom and it was game on for a couple hours.  constant action with muttons on bottom and Kings up top. runners, Amber jacks and almaco Jack's in the mix as well.  it was pretty bizarre because at one point we had a king hit on bottom in a mutton come up and took a free lined Top bait at the same time.  ended up with 3 kings and 3 solid muttons.
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