Fort Pierce Area 10/27/2018

Hello everyone. Well today was an adventuress birthday. It started off by going out on the boat. It was a beautiful sunrise.  We started fishing at the Fort Pierce Inlet. There was no evidence of red tide in the inlet when we first arrived. We anchored up and started fishing the day marker. We caught several snappers (Mutton and Mangrove). About 20 minutes at the spot the anchor broke free and we went drifting past the marker. We re-anchored giving it more scope to help the anchor hold. Within 10 minutes the anchor gave way again. We tried to re-anchor one more time this time letting all 150ft of rope out and the anchor still wouldn’t hold the bottom. And at this time we started to see floating fish so we decided to move into the river and go south. We went down to the power lines. It was a beautiful ride down there; however we didn’t get a single bite so it wasn’t worth the ride. The water temp was still pretty warm, 78 degrees. We came back north and went to our favorite spot and we caught more Mutton snapper but the bite was pretty slow. We also saw a lot of floating fish coming in with the tide. Since we still had bait, we decided to try the south bridge. We ended up catching quite a few snapper, Mangrove, Mutton, and Lane. By the time it was all said and done we caught Mutton Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, Blue Runners, and Jacks. After cleaning the fish, we talked with a few people who were looking at joining the boat club. Tania and I ended up coming home and taking a nap. When we woke up we went out to Panera Bread to get my birthday dinner, Tomato soup in a bread bowl. When we were on our way home we got to see a beautiful sunset. It was a wonderful day spent with my beautiful wife!!! Tight lines my friends.


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