What # leader do you use

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I'm curious what everyone is running for leader on their lures such as ilanders, mini turbo slammers, Mold crafts, etc.  I have some on wire/cable but want some on mono as well.  I target mahi with these so hopefully the toothy guys stay away.  I was thinking 100# but curious if others go higher.  


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    I typically go lower, 80lbs usually. I also run wire so if the toothy guys show up I have a chance at getting them as well. Mahi aren't leader shy IMO. 

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    5' of pink ande 60 lbs
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    80# mono and #7 wire
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    I use the Black Bart hooksets , with cable from hook to lure protecting your leader . You can go through multiple fish before needing to change the leader out . Have caught plenty of toothy critters with them . When re-rigging them I have gone down to 60lb , depends on the lure . But generally use 100 .

     For the Billy Bait MTS , I use the cable rigged ones , otherwise you will lose it quick .
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    101grunts said:
    5' of pink ande 60 lbs
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    Thank you everyone who shared. I always enjoy learning from others!

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    I think everyone has to find the system that s/he is comfortable with for the target species and likely by-catch.

    I use heavier leader than many here are talking about.  I've settled in on 125-150 for most of my smaller lures and ballyhoo rigs.  I don't see anything wrong with 80, but you have to know you can't pull on it much boat side and must monitor it more closely for damage after each fish.  I also run some 9 inch and larger lures.  These generally carry longer and heavier leader.

    I've caught enough barracuda and wahoo on straight mono rigs that I know it isn't a complete chance happening.  However, when I'm targeting wahoo with tremblers, strips, ballyhoo, or split tails my lures are rigged on cable.  The cable hookset and mono leader is a nice compromise, but isn't typically used with ballyhoo as it puts the hook well back in the skirt.

    Does your system use a wind-on leader?  Shorter lure leaders are typical with wind-on leaders.  I'd like to move to wind-on set ups rather than continuing to evolve towards longer lure leaders.  There is something cleaner and less prone to sudden mishaps with wind-ons, or so I'd like to believe.

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    For the most part, my surface lures like you're describing are rigged with 80lb mono.  Larger lures are rigged with heavier mono. Plugs and downrigger lures are rigged with wire or cable.
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