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So for the last month I have been hunting a buck on our club here in Florida. He is unique as they all are. When he was a fawn someone picked him up thinking it’s mom wasn’t around. Usually,  this is not the case.  Many fawns are “rescued” from perfectly good doe moms. Anyway, they put a collar on this fawn and at a year and half old he runs off to be the wild buck that he is. The buck lives on our club. Last year he was a respectable 8 point. Seen on occasion and on trail cameras. I knew that this year he would be a good buck. And we were also concerned about his collar. I decided that I would hunt him and try to take him before that collar got too tight on his rut neck. Took a month of frustration but I finally got him today. Great deer but a shame. Finally got that collar off.


  • ChonggChongg Posts: 683 Officer
    nice! post a picture.
  • bonebone Posts: 1,135 Officer

  • JustDaveJustDave Jacksonville FlPosts: 191 Deckhand
    That’s great man congrats! I’m hoping to actually get in a stand with my bow next week for the first time this year. Normally I’ve spent a few weeks at it by now. 
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  • bonebone Posts: 1,135 Officer
    trying lol
  • bowhunter4lifebowhunter4life Posts: 1,138 Officer
    Nice one, congrats!  Doesn’t look like that collar was feeling to good on him!
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    and good deal on helping him out... so to speak.
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    Nice! Love the dark horns.
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    Well done.
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,243 Officer
    Nice buck!  Sucks about that collar - people do stupid stuff...
  • Crkr23Crkr23 MelrosePosts: 4 Greenhorn
    Great Buck! That one would have scored in the old ala. club. Congrats!
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 10,416 AG
    Nice Buck!  
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  • lookinlookin Posts: 1,285 Officer
    Cool story and nice buck.  How old was he?
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  • lookinlookin Posts: 1,285 Officer
    Cool story and nice buck.  How old was he?  Guessin 4.5 or older.  
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  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 1,996 Captain
    Awesome buck and story!

  • ChonggChongg Posts: 683 Officer
    that is a good one! looks like that collar did a number on him. congrats again!
  • CyclistCyclist Posts: 23,346 AG
    You saved that buck some serious prolonged pain. Good job!
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    Good show on taking care of him. Worth all the effort on a number of levels.
  • ibhuntngibhuntng Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    Awesome! Congratulations
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