Nassau Sound (George Crady Bridge) 10-21-2018 report

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Sorry for not posting anything for awhile.. I been trying to figure out a pattern for catching the  black drum and wanted to see if I can catch them on high tide and low tide.  So far it has paid off.  I been recording a log of the wind too to help me out.  October every year has been a time to target the black drum.  The best time to catch them is the last hour of both tide. If their is a chop to the current that would help out even more.  Here is a pics of some that was catch couple of weeks ago.  The tarpon is still around and has been messing up some of the fishing here at the bridge.  Yesterday I caught a pompano that ate a fillet croaker. That was a shocker.  Bull redfish are still being caught.  The sheepshead bite has been fairly good. Today northwest wind kick my butt.  The wind was blowing hard and it was chilly.  For some reason I love to fish a crazy weather knowing the odd are against me.  The key is patience and the will to fish your hardest.  My reward was a 8.5 pound albino flatty which is my PB to date. He was almost half the size of the 120 Qt cooler.  The redfish and trout was all caught on mullet.  The last outgoing where the water was slow enough allow the fish the chance to bite. Grandslam on a crazy weather, I take it!!


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