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    JWPB said:
    These are all fun ideas but fall apart when trolling at speed.    I love these tormenter rigged birds.   I have broken 1 and lost 1 over the years but they work much better than other birds I've tried and are only $8 rigged and ready for you to add the lure of your choice. 

    I prefer this setup over other birds with a lure crimped inline so you cant swap out. 

    I have one of those birds as well.  I  haven't caught anything on it but really haven't fish it much.  Have you gotten anything on it?  Do you run it on the shotgun?  What about speed?CoastalCatch said:
    JWPB said:
    I have no affiliation with tormenter, just saw them at Ft Lauderdale boat show a few years ago and  gave them a try.   I bought a $5 white bird this year from another vendor and don't like it as much, nor have I caught as many fish on it. 
    Yes, there are all sorts of store-bought teasers available at all kinds of prices, but the satisfaction I got from catchich a 15 lb. blackfin on my homemade $1 version is PRICELESS! ;)
    Agreed...it was pretty cool to catch stuff on the dollar tree stuff. 
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    I run the ltormenter bird shotgun with a 5 inch premade C&H lure behind it, purple, blue or recently silver mylar.  

    Tons of mahi, tuna,  bonita if shallow enough and have picked up 2 sailfish on the rig that destroy my spread when they tail walk across the other 4 lines out as I'm typically solo. 

    I fish it way back center and typically have larger lures close to the boat and something small behind the bird.

    One thing Ive noticed is I only catch Cow mahi, no bulls.    some decent size 30+ inch cows but not sure if bulls are deeper or want more than a 5 inch lure for lunch. 

    My speed is typically around 8mph as I fish mostly artificials.   on a super rough day the bird will bury itself in waves and I either move to the high rocket launcher on t top or bring it in. 

    And yes, I agree it is cool Coastal builds his own stuff for $1, I've seen him post those on here before, just throwing out another option that skips on the surface.  also, his 5 inch pink and silver lure looks similar to what I use behind birds but I don't have that color combo yet.  
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    Your spread sounds similar...I use a lot of ballyhoo rings and usually only have one artificial....something like a rattle trap or mylar feather.  I planned on using the bird as the shot gun with probably a ballyhoo....very much like what you do.  I won't be out for a couple of weeks, have to head north for the holiday.  I'd rather stay and fish
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