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Rich MRich M Posts: 1,326 Officer
Just confirmed that we are good to go with the MINWR work day.

Meeting 8 AM at the MINWR headquarters - the maintenance yard.

Bring a shovel for bagging sand.  Food & drink for lunch.  Boat if you have it - 3 miles over and 3 miles back...
Will bag sand (about 100 bags), load on trailer, bring to Beacon 42 and boat over to Hidey Hole - about 3 mile run.  Then lay the sand bags at the crossing. 

Also planning to install some pulling posts.  Will have more details once we work those out - jet it in or post hole digger & concrete in dike...???

We have a few guys who have committed.  Would like to see about 10-12 guys and 5 or 6 boats - work will go easier and faster - more time to talk and meet the folks who actually make stuff happen.

This is an opportunity for the hunters to show interest.  This is also a good time to preseason scout the impoundments over there - after the work is done.  

Send me a PM or sign on here if you can make it and are interested.
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