Ft Pierce Inlet 10/12

My wife and I had to change our weekend boat plans as work decided I they needed my assistance on Saturday. Since we only got out on the water at 2pm we stayed in the intracostal. It was a beautiful afternoon on the water and we had a lot of fun. We caught a variety of fish including mangrove snapper, lane snapper, schoolmaster snapper, pork fish, grunt, grouper, rock fish, spanish mackerel, blue runner and Jacks. We only kept five lane snappers, as they were on the smaller side, and the spanish mackerel. The blues, Jacks and mackerel were all fun to catch as they fight well. We also saw a ball of mullet jump to be followed by a 4ft shark...completely out of the water and a sting ray jump about 6 ft out of the water. The water was looking pretty clean yesterday on the incoming tide. When we got home I was a bit tired so I put the fish in a plastic bag with avocado oil and everglade heat seasoning. When I got off work today I cooked up the fish on the grill. Since Tania doesn’t eat fish I cooked her a few turkey burgers and she cooked us some steak fries. I guess I could call it fish in chips hey. Good luck to all who go out this weekend. Tight lines my friends.


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